MMORPG Halloween Festivities

If you're currently subscribing to EverQuest II, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Champions Online, or Fallen Earth, then there are some Halloween-related events you should know about.

EverQuest II sees the return of Nights of the Dead:
That's right, all! Nights of the Dead is back. It's bigger and better than ever this year, with lots more to do and many returning favourites from previous years.

Returning features:

'¢ Trick-or-treating in Qeynos and Freeport.
'¢ Haunted house in Qeynos and Freeport.
'¢ Ponchy's quest line in Antonica.
'¢ Decorations in the cities.
'¢ Goblins who cast costume illusions.
'¢ Haunted Mansion in Loping Plains.
'¢ Candy drops for tradeskilling.
'¢ Holiday tradeskills are back.
'¢ Purchaseable costume illusions.
'¢ Neriak's clandestine (and smashable) decorations!

New features:

'¢ New Haunted Hedgemaze in Nektulos Forest!
'¢ New holiday collection.
'¢ New Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest.
'¢ New rewards for some of the old Nights of the Dead Events!
'¢ New illusions from the goblins.
'¢ New costume illusions available from holiday merchants.
'¢ New holiday recipe book.

Warhammer Online gets the Daemon Moon event:

The Moon Rises and Chaos Reigns October 23rd through November 2nd

FAIRFAX, Virginia October, 15 2009 Mythic Entertainmentâ„¢, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) studio, today announced that the critically acclaimed MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR), will host a special live event, Daemon Moon Rising, for a limited time during the 2009 Halloween season. Daemon Moon Rising, will run in-game from October 23rd through November 2nd, and will feature the Daemon Mask event quest, a new Daemonball Rally Public Quest, a special Realm vs. Realmâ„¢ scenario, and treats both fair and foul.

In Daemon Moon Rising, a fiendish sub-cult of Chaos artificers have bound savage daemons into innocuous carnival masks and smuggled them into the Empire. The Daemon Mask event quest will task players with collecting these possessed masks and defeating the daemons bound within. As a reward for halting the menace of the masks, players will receive a souvenir Daemon Mask and a chance to discover the rare and powerful Magus Daemonarium within a sack of sinister secrets.

The Daemonball Rally Public Quest will pit players of Order and Destruction versus one another in a battle to seize the Daemon Cradle and empower the essence of nightmares against their opponents.

(This is a terrifying time of year within the world of Warhammer and the Daemon Moon Rising live event is our way of fighting against the darkness that encompasses the land,) said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for Mythic Entertainment. (We call on all players to rise up against the malevolent creatures that threaten the land and keep safe the Realms. But beware, for under the cold, dark madness of the Daemon Moon, anything can happen!)

Players can also don their masks and participate in (Wake the Dead), a special running of the High Pass Cemetery RvR scenario available to characters of all tiers during the Daemon Moon Rising live event.

Other fiendish rewards available to event participant include: the Fiendfang with bonus to healing, damage, renown, and XP; the Face of the Unborn mask; the Meatcleaver's mask; the Face-Eater's mask; the arcane Malleus Daemonarium; and special talisman components imbued with the might of Chaos itself.

To learn more about the Daemon Moon Rising Live Event, please visit:

Based on the popular tabletop war game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm conflict that will provide players with an engaging battleground for years to come. Available now for PC and rated (T) for Teen by the ESRB, WAR will be available for the Mac on October 28, 2009. For more information about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning or to download the 10-day free trial, visit

Champions Online players see the rise of the Blood Moon:
There is a chill wind blowing through Millennium City. It's late October and the moon has taken on a sinister aspect, staining the sky a bloody red. The superhero Witchcraft, of the Champions, warns that this is a dire portent of an approaching mystical threat. There have been sightings of strange creatures emerging across the world, those of savage werewolves and flesh-craving zombies. Even worse, they bear with them the tidings of a great evil returning to the world... Takofanes, the Undying Lord!

When Takofanes last strode across North America he killed all who crossed him to swell the ranks of his undead army. The first attempt America's superheroes made to stop him resulted in the death of half a dozen of them. A second more concentrated attempt managed to drive Takofanes from the battlefield, but he could not be defeated. Now Takofanes has returned once again with hordes of his minions, citing prophecies of doom and proclaiming his coming reign over humanity!

Blood Moon will be available to all players from October 27th through November 10th. Here's a preview of some of the things you'll be seeing:

'¢ New Power Set: Celestial! Our first new power set being added to Champions Online, Celestial is a support and healing based set with dual-purpose abilities.
'¢ Dawn of the Undead Heroes! Takofanes has trapped the souls of the Heroes who fell during the Battle of Detroit and are commanding them to spread ruin across Millennium City! Players who can save all 13 Undead Heroes will unlock the Celestial power set two weeks before anyone else!
'¢ BITE! Players will have the chance to join the Wolf Hunters and rid the land of the abominable Werewolves. However, falling to one of the beasts will force you to rise under the curse and become one yourself.
'¢ Rise of Takofanes! The Undying Lord has risen, and is appearing throughout Millennium City. Those who are strong enough to defeat his retinue will receive unique perks and rewards only available during the Blood Moon event.
'¢ Zombie Apocalypse! A brand new PvP map is here to stay! Survive as long as you can as endless waves of zombies approach, but beware, because those defeated will rise as a zombie and become the enemy.

And Fallen Earth gets a Days of the Dead event:
Beginning October 23, the wastelands of Fallen Earth will be home to throngs of unwelcome Infected for more than a week in the zombie-killing spree referred to as (Days of the Dead.) To help combat these Infected, the development team of Fallen Earth is releasing thousands of trial keys through media partners,, and -- check out these sites for more information.

"The trial keys give gamers fifteen free days to explore Fallen Earth during an exciting event,) said Jessica Orr, Marketing Manager for Fallen Earth. (When players upgrade their account to live service, all of the items gained during the trial will be available."

During the Halloween extravaganza, players begin by visiting mission hubs to take reward-based repeatable missions from NPCs to destroy zombies (coordinates for these NPCs are listed in FAQ). The Bankers, a neutral faction in Fallen Earth, are also offering a special zombie-fighting weapon for killing 100 of the Infected. Players get their choice of a signature shotgun, a sawed-off shotgun or a cricket bat.

Players can also make scarecrows, made from pumpkins that are gathered from Cooking Merchants or in nearby pumpkin patches. Be on the lookout for the rare drop of the "Pumpkin of Extraordinary Merit," which grants a five percent boost on many stats and a ten percent boost on health regeneration for an hour.

For more information on Days of the Dead, visit Fallen Earth's FAQ. Check participating partner sites for information on key drop dates and quantities. Fans can also stay tuned for more information through the Fallen Earth Facebook page and through Twitter @FallenEarth.