Dragon Age: Origins Interviews

In addition to the third and final installment to GamerZines' ongoing interview, we have a few more Dragon Age: Origins interviews to report about today.

First, a snip from part three at GZ:
GZ: How far can you go when changing the world in Dragon Age?

ML: I think you can go quite a ways. There's a blight on the land and as a Grey Warden, your goal is to forge an army. Some of the major choices are around what kind of allies you'll be taking into battle. That will play out in the end and will have a direct effect on the climax of the game. Of course there is the aggregate feeling of how people are coming away from your interactions. For instance there's one part we showed a while back, which basically features you defending a small town from attacks from the undead, which are just swarming down from a castle and no-one knows why. It's actually possible for the player to say, "Tough, I don't have time for this." There are responses from people that travel with you, that encourage you along these lines. That say, "This is a waste of time, we have more important things to do." It's not necessarily that you're doing it because you're twiddling your moustache and cackling evilly, it's more that there is a strong reason not to do it, there are more important things ahead of you.
Then we have part one of another with lead designer Mike Laidlaw at Planet Xbox 360:
PX360: What about your favorite side-quest?

ML: Well for me, and the team teases me mercifully about this, it would have to include one of the followers that's an Orlesian bard named Leliana. And I have absolutely a gigantic virtual crush on her. I think her voice-acting is absolutely awesome; cutest accent ever! So Leliana, and many of the followers have this as they have stories that as they get to know you and begin to trust you they fill you in on side-stories that help develop their character and result in items and changes in items and abilities, has one of the best ones we have. I find it very compelling and it is strong enough that allows you to kind of suggest her character act in a certain way. You can actually see that play out over the rest of the game, which, to me, is just awesome.
Before moving on to two separate audio interviews (with Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk and Mike Laidlaw) on Gaming Nexus.