Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Review

IGN has taken their original Fallout 3 review and expanded upon it to create a full review of the newly released Game of the Year Edition.  The score is still a 9.6/10, but they've sprinkled in several more paragraphs of text:
There isn't anything brand new for those that have been following Fallout 3 and snapping up every expansion as it has become available. The original game is the same and the five add-ons are treated exactly the same as they would be if you had downloaded them. On Xbox 360 and PC, these add-ons come on a second disc that must be installed. You are free to choose which add-ons you want to install and can go back and install or delete the quests at a later date. In total, a little over 2 GB of hard drive space is needed to put all of the expansions on your hard drive at one time. The PS3, with its Blu-ray format, has enough space on the disc to include the original game and all five expansions. No extra installs required.

The second disc for Xbox 360 and PC does not appear to have any restrictions placed on it. No code is required to import the add-ons and you don't need to be connected to Xbox Live. I was able to install the add-ons on multiple hard drives without a hitch, and saves carry over for anyone that has started the original Fallout 3 campaign. As far as I can tell, it's possible to buy one copy of the Game of the Year edition and simply trade the second disc around to friends that own Fallout 3 to let them install the add-ons for free.