D&D Online: Behold the Power of Free

Ars Technica has put together an interesting piece that spotlights the success Turbine is enjoying with Dungeons & Dragons Online, now that the long-running MMORPG has taken the free-to-play route. The commentary from executive producer Fernando Paiz within the article really paints a promising picture:
"We're hitting and exceeding our internal targets, so far we're very happy," he told Ars when we asked how the game has grown since becoming free. "All aspects of our business are growing. Hundreds of thousands of new players in the world are playing for free, with a very high percentage using the store." The internal projections for growth were doubled. Even more surprising, subscriptions have gone up 40 percent since the game has gone free-to-play.


"It does totally change the rules of the game, but it's very much in the player's favor," Paiz explained. "They get to try the game, not be constrained by a one-week trial, and then decide when they've made the commitment that they're engaged enough that they're ready to spend money." They don't want you to feel that spending money in the store is the only way to play the game. "As you advance, more of the content is for purchase more than it's free. Not that there won't be free content in the higher levels... but still, if you're into the game and you're playing past level five or six, you're going to really start thinking about buying content packs, or saving up Turbine points to buy content packs."
Good to hear. I've always like Dungeons & Dragons Online, even when it was subscription-only.