Paradox Interactive Release Dates

Paradox Interactive has sent out a release schedule for the next several months, which means that we finally have solid dates for Fort Zombie, Mount & Blade: Warband, and Elven Legacy's three expansion packs. Read on:
RELEASE SCHEDULE (correct as of 6th October)

All titles are PC only unless otherwise stated


'¢ East India Company Privateer (Expansion online release only), October 16th
'¢ Elven Legacy: Ranger (Expansion digital download release only), October 23rd
'¢ Fort Zombie (digital download release only), TBC Q4


'¢ For The Glory (digital download release only), November 13th
'¢ Elven Legacy: Siege (Expansion digital download release only), November 20th


'¢ Elven Legacy: Magic (Expansion digital download release only), December 4th
'¢ Hearts of Iron: Arsenal of Democracy (digital download release only), December 11th
'¢ Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne (Expansion online release only), December 15th


'¢ Ship Simulator Extremes, February 19th


'¢ Mount & Blade Warband (Expansion), March 19th


'¢ Victoria 2, June 18th