Mount & Blade: Warband Preview

After spending some time in the Mount & Blade: Warband beta test, Strategy Informer has taken a moment to conjure up their own preview of the expansion pack.
Speaking of single player, that mode is also getting some love. New factions, a larger map and more units will enhance the current gameplay. Politics and Conspiracies have also been given a revamp as part of the improved role-play section. They've even included a '˜marriage' feature, whereby you can marry one of the noble women you see scattered about the land. Unfortunately, this is only working for male characters at present, as it may be too hard to implement for female avatars due to technical reasons. Your '˜wives' will inhabit your halls, and will manage things whilst you are gone. Previously, you would have to visit the castle or towns you controlled every so often in order to continue their development, but now your spouse should be able to handle bits of that for you.