Warhammer Online One-Year Anniversary Interview

IGN caught up with Warhammer Online producer Jeff Hickman for a brief conversation about the game's first anniversary and the live events that kicked off in celebration of the milestone.

IGN: How did the anniversary live events you've been having the past few weeks go?


Jeff Hickman: We've been doing a whole bunch of things in September to celebrate our one-year anniversary and almost every weekend we're doing something different, whether it's extra XP weekends or the Return to Nordenwatch. This was a chance for players to experience something they don't always have a chance to experience in the game. The Gates of Ekrund, for example, was a chance for all players to experience a scenario that is usually available only at low levels, so we opened it up for them just for the weekend just to give them something cool and interesting to see. The big one that we did was the Wild Hunt event. We actually had a brand-new 6-man dungeon that we put in just for this event. It was so popular and we got great feedback on it so we are definitely looking at future plans for that dungeon.