Dragon Age: The Origins of the Dalish

IGN has cranked out a brief preview and a one-minute trailer introducing us to Dragon Age: Origins' Dalish Elves, as well as some of the dialogue you can expect when playing one.   A snip from the preview:

Wild and untamed, the Dalish Elves are proud hunters and warriors that roam the forests of Ferelden. Unlike their city dwelling cousins, the Dalish are nomads, refusing to bow to human rule and living in loosely knit clans in the wilderness. Believing themselves to be true elves living in harmony with their ancient gods and nature, they fiercely repel intruders into their lands by taking no prisoners within battle. As a young Dalish on patrol, you and a friend suddenly come upon a mysterious cave in the woods that holds Elven treasure. However, the discovery of one particular relic potentially threatens to rip apart everything you've ever known.

When you're done with those, there's also a minute-long Dalish combat video.