Demon's Souls Reviews

A few more reviews for the North American version of Demon's Souls are in, and they're just as enthusiastic as the others we've seen.

Cheat Code Central deems it worthy of a 4.7/5:
Between its active battle system and its online functionality, there is a whole lot that separates Demon's Souls from other games in the dungeon-crawling genre, bringing it into the current generation. Though this game is punishingly difficult, if you are a dungeon-crawling fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Demon's Souls. From Software is definitely ahead of the curve in regards to the future of this genre, and Demon's Souls proves that everything that is old can indeed be new again.

Critical Gamer hands out a 9/10:
It's a game that punishes mistakes ruthlessly, but also rewards skill and tactics tremendously. The sky high difficulty level also means that when you finally kill the latest boss, you get a sense of achievement that its peers struggle to match.

This just scrapes the following score because ultimately, it's as addictive as it is difficult. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Critical Gamer's first Critical Hit.

And GamePro hits it with a 4/5:
Demon's Souls was certainly a love-hate relationship, with a heavy emphasis on the love. Unique, engaging, and frustrating as hell, Demon's Souls will keep you playing, even through the most intense of controller-throwing fits, and honestly, that's much more than I can say for similar titles. Your inner diehard will thank you, but casual gamers should stay far, far away. You've been warned.