Dark Age of Camelot/Warhammer Online Interview

MMORPG.com is offering up an article-style interview with Mythic Entertainment's Jeff Hickman about the past, present, and future of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
Jeff continued on to talk about Mythic's history and future. Mythic started making much smaller online games in the 1990s. Then started work on Dark Age of Camelot which was a huge success for the studio. The game launched as being one of the best PvP experiences in the online market and filled a niche that Everquest never really offered. Dark Age of Camelot remains active today, and I bugged Jeff endlessly in our talk about giving the game a face lift and a more up to date look for the current MMO space to bring some players back. More on that later.

Jeff next talked about Warhammer and some of the problems they had when they launched the game. He listed three mistakes they made when designing the game early on. The first being easy of play, by this he said that the opening zones were too easy for players and did not add any risk or value. I can remember flying through the first ten levels without so much as a scratch on my character. This did not invest players enough in the risks of the dark and gritty Warhammer world.