7.62 High Calibre Review

The guys at Game Debate have doled out a score of 4/10 in their review of 1C and Apeiron's modern day turn-based strategy/RPG, 7.62 High Calibre.
With the help from other hired guns of your choosing, you lead a mission in Algeria. Instead of the classic turn-based strategy format, combat in 7.62 High Calibre uses a real-time engine, movement points and a constantly interrupting auto-pause function. This fails to retain the excitement one might experience with a real time strategy game and thanks to the incredibly unclear nature of movement points systems fails to encourage the in-depth tactical elements of turn-based strategy.

Other than combat there is a significant amount of role-playing to be had as you must make investigations into your targets and interact with a number of utterly lifeless NPCs in order to progress. Making inquiries to the local law enforcement and criminals will give you info on where to search for your targets and also unveil a number of side-quests to earn extra cash. Unfortunately the role playing elements become tiresome as your character plods around asking the same (Have you seen this man?) questions to the wooden inhabitants of the blandly textured Algerian towns. Other parallels to RPGs include leveling up and gaining cash to buy weapons to keep in your inventory, the tradition of looting bodies, however is not allowed in High Calibre, presumably for difficulty balancing reasons. Humph.