Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

WarCry had the chance to fire off a set of questions to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning associate producer Josh Drescher about the MMORPG's recent one-year anniversary.
What would you say have been the five most significant changes in the last year? Why those?

'¢ Server stability improvements - We've managed to improve server stability my whole orders of magnitude over the past year and we're continuing to improve it as we move forward.

'¢ Client performance improvements - Especially in terms of large-scale battles, we've been unhappy with client performance since launch. Our client programmers have made some serious improvements, but there's still work to be done.

'¢ RvR changes (many of which are still ongoing) - We've taken a hard look at the RvR experience (particularly in the 4th tier of the game) over the past four months and have found it unsatisfactory. We've made changes to encourage open field keep sieges (and defense) by enhancing rewards and adding things like a second set of ramps in keeps. We've made major changes to the campaign - like pulling out the need to take fortresses - to improve the flow and performance of end-game RvR. We've got a lot more in store - especially for cities - in the coming months.

'¢ Addition of new careers - The Choppa and Slayer have become two of the most popular careers in the game.

'¢ Land of the Dead - What can I say? I love RvR dungeons.