Another Fallout 3 Premium Theme Coming Soon

Bethesda Softworks let us know that they'll be releasing another Fallout 3 premium theme on October 1st, and that anyone who has purchased all five of the game's DLC addons will be able to nab it for free. Word is:
Today Bethesda and Microsoft revealed that a premium theme for (Fallout 3) will be released on Xbox LIVE on Oct.1 free of charge for all players who have purchased all five (Fallout 3) Game Add-ons as of Sept. 22. Gamers who have purchased all five Game Add-ons (English only), including (Operation: Anchorage,) (The Pitt,) (Broken Steel,) (Point Lookout) and (Mothership Zeta), will receive a token from Microsoft to download the theme for free starting Oct. 1. (This is something we've been asked about a lot and we're happy to finally be able to bring it to fans as a small token of our appreciation,) said Todd Howard, game director and executive producer for Fallout 3. The theme is also available for purchase at 240 Microsoft points.