The Temple of Elemental Evil v5.6.0 Modpack Released

The determined fellows over at Circle of Eight have released another iteration of their popular modpack for Troika's The Temple of Elemental Evil.
The Circle of Eight is pleased to present the latest version of our modpack for The Temple of Elemental Evil - Circle of Eight Modpack 5.6.0 BETA.

Circle of Eight Modpack 5.6.0 BETA fixes most of the bugs reported in 5.5.0, optimizes gameplay, and hopefully eliminates issues like the jerkstop phenomenon by overhauling and streamlining a great many aspects of the game mechanic (e.g. tweaking general sectoring and mobile objects, redoing waypoints, eliminating unnecessary scripting and spawning, etc.). 5.6.0 also tweaks certain cosmetic issues like contradictory NPC attire and underpopulated towns (both started in 5.5.0), and addresses various Co8-modded trouble areas such as hyper-treasure and incomplete quest lines, etc. It also sees the temporary removal of projected Tales of the Wild Coast custom material (Moathouse Respawn, Verbobonc, Hickory Branch) from their current locations and scenarios in order to restore the vanilla balance of the game as much as possible and prepare for the upcoming TotWC reorganizations. Much of the objective of this release is to gauge the effect that the removal of this custom content has on the game, with the goal being to restore balance in vanilla content across a level range of approximately 1 - 10.