Blizzard Entertainment Q&A

During GamesCom, NowGamer had the opportunity to chat with Blizzard Entertainment executive managing director Mike Ryder about pursuing other IPs, their success in the MMO field, and more.
Is there a tendency to underestimate the difficulties of establishing an MMO?

I think there's a lot of learning [to be done]. Clearly, Blizzard has learned an awful lot about how to manage an MMO on such a large scale, for a global market. It's a complex operation that takes a lot of planning, a lot of vision and a lot of resources. We've got where we are because we've worked hard at it, but we have definitely learned some key lessons along the way.

How much more room for growth is there in the MMO market?

We expect to build our business by continuing to add content to the game which we're always working on by looking at new markets as broadband penetration increases, and how that might help us expand our presence in existing markets. We can also build the business by offering additional services. There's still quite a bit of room for growth.