Diablo III Preview

RPGamer has posted their own preview of Diablo III, courtesy of what was shown during this year's BlizzCon event.
As Blizzard said in one of the panels, monsters are best when they are simple. Their complexity and depth comes from combining different monster types together in different situations. There was always a good mix of enemies on the screen and the constant variations kept things from getting boring. The monsters were all easily identifiable so I was never confused with what I was fighting. With roughly a hundred monsters in the game, ranging from weak swarmers to one-of-a-kind monsters, things are sure to stay interesting and lively, which is great when you are loot hunting.

Even though this was just a demo, a ton of loot dropped during my sessions. By the time I finished playing each class, I had fully upgraded all of its gear, which is very rewarding even in a demo. It's also good that Diablo III has such an easy and clean inventory system and skill tree to use and manage your character. An important thing to note is that item drops are on a per player basis so that means nobody else will be stealing your hard-earned loot like in the other Diablo games. Oh, and Blizzard is also going to allow for item trading between your characters so no worries there. One final note is that during my four gameplay sessions, I accumulated quite a bit of gold. Blizzard has assured us that gold will actually be really useful in this game and that there will be meaningful ways to spend it. So unlike previous Diablo games, you won't have loads of cash and nothing to do with it.