Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

This week's "Five on Friday" Q&A feature on the official Ultima Online website covers questions about accessing the Stygian Abyss lands, tagging imbued items, and more.
Please clarify where exactly will be the PVP/PVM areas in the Abyss. And will those areas have instances where Trammies will be fighting against Fellucans (and vice versa), AND monsters/mobs/champs/mini champs, what have you?

The PvP areas are the Champ Spawns (Primeval Lich and Abyssal Infernal). There is a single instance of each so PvPers and non-PvPers alike will be sharing the same space. These areas can be accessed either via the Abyss (Trammel side) or through Felucca Dungeon entrances (Deceit and Hythloth).