Eidos Interactive Interview

NowGamer had the chance to quiz Eidos Interactive president Ian Livingstone about their acquisition by Square Enix, the overall reduction of British game development, when Deus Ex 3 will be released, and much more.
There are new Hitman, Thief and Deus Ex games in development why the long wait for these games, and what does it mean in terms of the evolution on those titles?

It's down to quality. It seems to me that the games industry is reaching the point where it's not the top 20 selling the same kind of numbers across the board, it's polarised it's the top ten or even top five selling lots. So you've got to put out a quality product. We are making sure we do that because people are buying the same number of games but they are buying fewer titles. So they are buying more of the same games. We haven't actually announced the new Hitman officially I'm always getting into trouble for talking out of turn about our titles but I'm also enthusiastic to talk about games. I can't help myself. It would be churlish of me to say that we're not talking about Hitman because clearly it's one of our most important franchises, therefore, there is work being done but we haven't officially announced it. As for Deus Ex, it was voted best PC game a couple of years ago so there's a lot of equity in the brand and we want to fulfill people's expectations. It will be ready when it's ready. The heritage that Warren Spector gave to the title cannot be abused.