Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Reviews

I hope you're ready for a couple more Mothership Zeta reviews, because two more reached our eyeballs this week.

No Mutants Allowed does their thing:
This DLC has no impact on the regular game whatsoever, only providing some new weapons and medicine and an item that can repair twenty-five percent of damage to the weapon the player is currently using.

The one thing that might have had a significant impact, firing an alien death ray at Earth, has no real consequences at all: the other NPCs will not berate you for it and there is no big crater somewhere in the Capital Wasteland waiting for you once you have returned. In the end it is just some graphical fluff.

That in general seems to describe Mothership Zeta very well.

And Console Monster thinks it's worthy of an 89%:
As always with the DLC developed for Fallout 3 by Bethesda, the depth and attention to detail is fantastic. There is a wealth of enjoyment to be had and Bethesda has truly shown the world how DLC should be designed, developed and distributed. This year has been a grand one for DLC, a trend which I feel will only continue to grow thanks in part to Fallout 3. A definite purchase for fans of the original game and the previous content packs.