Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Reviews

Should you still be contemplating a purchase of Mothership Zeta, there's another pile of reviews for you to sift through.

The Adrenaline Vault gives it a 3/5:
Mothership Zeta doesn't live up to the previous Fallout 3 expansions. We've been spoiled by some of the others. Broken Steel and Point Lookout are definitely the two must-haves for any Fallout 3 owner; Broken Steel because of the ending to the main story and the increased level cap, and Point Lookout for its abundance of side quests and unique setting. Don't get me wrong, most Fallout 3 players will still have a good time with Mothership Zeta, but that doesn't make it a five-star game. I think Bethesda thought the ship would be an exciting place to drop a character and decided that there aren't too many moral decisions to be made or conversations to be had on a ship that houses creatures with whom you can't communicate. In theory the idea is great, but in execution it's just mediocre. Bethesda has finally answered the question of (Are we alone?,) but whether or not this is the end of Fallout 3 remains to be seen.at least by me.

Boomtown gives it a 7/10:
If you enjoyed the other pieces of content, then there is no doubt you will enjoy Mothership Zeta. It's a totally original storyline for the Fallout universe, and the environment it puts you in certainly makes you think a bit more than some of the other previous pieces of content might have done. It's not the best DLC pack released for Fallout 3, but it's certainly not bad. If however you have to make a choice between this content and the others, I'd have to go with Broken Steel. It's still the Daddy of them all.

Gamervision gives it an 8.5/10:
Once again, Bethesda has put out an expansion that is a welcome addition for anyone who's been enjoying his/her time with Fallout 3. While it lacks the strong story of (Point Lookout) and (Broken Steel,) it's much more enjoyable than (Operation: Anchorage) or (The Pitt.) This DLC is also reportedly the last expansion for Fallout 3, so if want to extend your stay in the Capital Wastes, make sure to pick up (Mothership Zeta.) You won't be disappointed.

Gaming Nexus gives it a "C+":
Mothership Zeta is a short DLC which I completed in about 3 hours of play. There aren't any side quests, and there's only one new perk which gives you a 20% increase in damage using alien weapons. To me, the DLC is really a quick way to earn a lot of bottle caps and experience because the small alien atomizers are lightweight and can be traded in for 100-500 caps. I spent a lot of time gathering the weapons and pretty much outfitting my house and myself with the trades I made by using them as they brought in a lot of bottlecaps. The new weapons are OK but I don't think I'll be using any of them on a consistent basis like I do Broken Steel's Tesla Cannon. If this is indeed the final Fallout 3 DLC, then they didn't go out on top. Out of the five, this is my second least favorite ranking ahead of Operation Anchorage. I consider it the end of the bell curve of Fallout 3 DLC quality, but at least I enjoyed it more than the first one. I don't think you'd be missing too much if you decide to skip Mothership Zeta, but for those that have to have them all, then by all means pick up Mothership Zeta. Just don't expect too much out of it.

Xbox360Achievements gives it a 6/10:
While Mothership Zeta's use of classic science fiction cliches could have been great, it feels flat and soulless in its execution. With a paper-thin story, bland environments a little too similar to old Sci-Fi movie sets, and none of the moral ambiguities and decision options that make the core game so great, Mothership Zeta simply lacks the impact of great expansions like Broken Steel or Point Lookout. Clocking in at 4-6 hours, with little to nothing to do upon quest completion, this piece of content can only be recommended to completionists and die-hard Fallout 3 fans.

VGChartz gives it a 7.7/10:
Depending on how much you explore, and whether you prefer a full frontal assault or a more stealthy approach, Mothership Zeta will last around three to six hours. It doesn't have the big, open areas and side quests of Point Lookout, or the added benefits of Broken Steel (such as the increased level cap and story extension), but this DLC is still a fun adventure that will net you some cool-looking and powerful energy weapons when you're done. Overall, Mothership Zeta takes the basic game design of Operation Anchorage and fixes many of its problems, giving the player a longer experience, with more interesting environments, enemies, and equipment, and several different and interesting small gameplay elements to break up the monotony. If you enjoyed the previous DLC, you'll probably enjoy this one as well, and the cheesy sci-fi themes will probably win over some new fans as well. One word of caution, however - if you don't already own Fallout 3, you may want to wait a couple more months for the Game of the Year Edition, which includes all five DLC for free.

Game Vortex gives it a 75%:
Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta is recommended only for players who want to see everything Fallout 3 has to offer or like the game's gunplay. Otherwise, you can ignore it and not miss out on much.

SmashPad gives it a 7/10:
However despite the addition of some interesting characters, it really is a shame that Fallout 3's steady addition of downloadable content had to end on this sour note because there was plenty of room for interesting ideas. The characters you interact with are hardly around at all once your initial meeting and the combat seems to have been overly done to the point of shoving it in your face at every given moment. While the locations still look great and there are plenty of neat alien weapons and gizmos to use, Mothership Zeta falls under the category of misused potential, and fans of Fallout 3 might want to wait to pick this addition up until it drops in price.

And Games Are Evil leaves their review scoreless:
It is unfortunate that these golden moments are few and far between. As it stands, Mothership Zeta is probably the most unappealing add-on for Fallout 3, which comes as a bit of a shock after the excellent Point Lookout and Broken Steel expansions. It is sad that Bethesda's ambitious series of DLC packs end on an unsatisfying whimper instead of a well-deserved bang. We've come full circle, returning to where we originally started with Operation: Anchorage: Fallout 3 at its most humdrum.