Mythic Entertainment Interview

Warhammer Alliance caught up with Mythic Entertainment's Martin Smith during Games Day Chicago for a Q&A about his responsibilities on the team, recent updates to Warhammer Online, and more.
Gabe Amatangelo is the Dungeons and Encounters Lead. What overall direction has he told you and the other members of the D and E team to follow, both for LotD and for WAR in general?

I've been working with Gabe for quite awhile now. Generally speaking, it would be to always think about the player's experience when building an encounter, focus on fun for every player type, use what is unique to Warhammer when you can, and design within our means. In LotD, some of the specific direction were things like ensure each career-type has a role in every encounter, ensure no one specific career is required to complete a group encounter, focus on execution, play through your encounters, etc.

While some of these might seem straightforward at first glance, in Warhammer some of them have been quite challenging. For example, all of the careers and abilities in WAR are built up to function in PvP, so we have to work within that system to make the fights fun and challenging. The never-ending AP pool is the hardest thing to work with; since almost all other games have a finite system, we have to do a lot of things differently. This is why, in the LotD, we wanted to focus more on execution rather than straight up numbers for a lot of the fights. You see that in the 8th boss he doesn't deal the most damage of any fight, but really if you mess up, you're toast.