Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Reviews

Yet another handful of reviews for Fallout 3's Mothership Zeta addon have reached the Internet.

Thunderbolt gives it a 7/10:
The concept of an alien spaceship in Fallout 3 is a fantastic idea but the execution is sadly uninspired. It could have been so much more, but what we're given is a basic corridor shooter. It's fun in places and some of the set pieces are enjoyable, but for the most part you're just blasting away aliens and pressing switches for the majority of the quests. After Point Lookout's brilliant story lines, characters and level design, Mothership Zeta is a step backward. It's a shame that the last piece of Fallout 3 DLC is just as disappointing as the first, especially when it carried so much promise. It's still worth playing, just don't expect a product with the same quality as either Broken Steel or Point Lookout. If you're starting your Fallout 3 adventure now, get those two first.

Gaming Age gives it a "B":
Color me a little shocked our gear didn't provide better protection against cryogenic systems. While it is winterized and served well in Communist Alaska, I seem to be the only man from my squad unaffected by the frigid treatment. The others became mindless zombies, knowing only methods of violence and mild groaning. I did find a few nice bits of technology on this mission, however, which may finally lead to a way to reduce radiation in the body. Wait, you mean that's common now?

GameCritics gives it a 3.5/10:
If Mothership Zeta had been half as long and available at half the price, it might have been worthwhile simply for giving players a quick peek behind the origins of the main game's enigmatic alien wreckage. As it stands, this dog-leg jaunt into outer space ends up a giant could-have-been without any real reason to recommend it, save completion for completion's sake.

The Game Reviews gives it a 9.3/10:
I really liked this DLC. While I died more than in all the other expansions combined, but it was a fun trip. New enemies, unique environments and characters, and engaging (if over-the-top) story kept me playing all the way through. While this is unfortunately the last Fallout 3 DLC, it at least goes out with a (literal) bang.

And Extreme Gamer gives it a 7.0/10:
Mothership Zeta is another drastic change to the dreary old Wasteland. Unfortunately being abducted on an alien spacecraft is a lot less scary then it sounds. As you submerge yourself deep into this alien's domain you will notice that Mothership Zeta is light on the story, aside from the initial setup, and focuses more on the combat side of Fallout 3. After spending a few hours navigating this structure and killing off alien after alien, I felt like something was still missing as the big bang ending crept near. The twist I thought was surely on its way never came and before I knew it I was back in the Capital Wasteland fighting off oversized scorpions and Mutants. Even though I feel a little let down, Mothership Zeta still strong points and is worth the purchase if you have enjoyed the other add-on content for the game. If you haven't made the decision to purchase any of the content, give it a few months and you'll be able to enjoy all Fallout 3 has to offer with its Game of the Year edition.