Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Two identically-scored reviews for the console versions of Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred sequel are now available.

Game-Pad goes with an 8.5/10:
Sacred 2 has completely sucked me in and was worth every penny. The game is ridiculously addictive and the customization of armor, weapons and characters is absolutely superb. Ancaria is absolutely huge and will keep you busy for an insane amount of hours, months and even years. The game however is certainly designed to be played cooperatively. Repetition may set in when playing Singleplayer however if you have a buddy then look no further for one of the best cooperative experiences on this generation of consoles.

As does Defunct Games:
With its amazing graphics, worthwhile online gameplay, enormous world and creatively implemented control scheme, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a real winner. In fact, the only things keeping this game from being a near perfect entry in the genre are the terrible technical issues, the lack of a pause button and a generic storyline. If you can get past those few small problems, then you and your friends are going to find a lot to like in Sacred 2. It may not have the impact of Diablo II, but Fallen Angel is a real gem worth tracking down. I love this game ... and will love it even more when somebody makes a match that fixes the technical problems and adds a pause button.