Mass Effect 2 and BioShock 2 Are Xbox 360 Sellers

MSXbox-World seems to think that BioWare's Mass Effect 2 and 2K Marin's BioShock 2 are two titles that will have prospective gamers buying Xbox 360 consoles during the ongoing recession. In fact, they crown Mass Effect 2 as the top game to sell the system this year:
This is it. The sequel to BioWare's undisputed modern action RPG classic will undoubtedly sell consoles. Touted as the best looking game at E3 next to Uncharted 2, we seriously doubt that any other title from any other developer will top this giant, intergalactic epic. The amazing amount of options your path could lead you to and the freedom the dialogue provides is simply cool. Combat has been improved with an all-new limb-blasting feature being one of the improvements that'll supposedly increase your strategies in taking down dumb alien scum. But honestly, all we care about is the fate of Commander Shepard. BioWare have explicitly mentioned that Shepard may not even survive the journey if you made the wrong decisions during the course of the game. A stellar storyline involving distinct alien factions vying for power, conspiracy theories to overthrow the government, visuals that are unmatched on the console, state of the art voice-acting and a protagonist cooler than Jack Bauer seriously, if this game doesn't sell and give Microsoft a head start in 2010, we'd be at a loss for words as to what actually will. Actually, according to Fox, physical full frontal alien sex just might.
Because even if the game sucks, everyone loves to watch digitized alien sex.