Arcania: A Gothic Tale Preview, Interview, and Media has cranked out an exclusive preview and a set of screenshots for Arcania: A Gothic Tale, as well as an interview with JoWooD producers Johann Ertl and Steffen Rühl about the upcoming RPG. From the preview:
The bulk of Arcania plays on a completely new island, where a fresh, unexperienced hero enters into the limelight. The young adventurer finds his village destroyed, erased by Rhobars troops. Swearing revenge, he in order to gain strength and to overthrow the king. In addition to the use of action the developer also promised a reunion with old acquaintances, including Diego or the shady magician Xardas. In Arcania one is underway on two islands, one of them about 90 percent of the game world.

It is divided into ten areas that are only gradually enter and explore. The player must, for instance, a certain progress in the main quest line to reach before him the way into the next area opens. Thus, once the adventure around the whole island. The motto of the developers: The player will be "to forward play. This means that you're not constantly between known areas and places to run to and fro must - be a hallmark of earlier Gothic games. Nevertheless, this does not mean the game is linear, on the contrary: It is still in a coherent, freely accessible on the world and can therefore at any time in the older zones to return.
And a little something from the interview:
PC Games: It explores the areas of the island in a sequence. Does that mean I "cross" an area and then go into the next?

Rühl: "Not just passing through, but also durchentdecken. We attach great importance to the fact that the player also times of the story go away and look what it is all there is to discover that he finds sidequests and simply makes things exciting. But so what I do not like is when I am in such a world, in the third big city and I landed again in the first settlement will be returned, because I really know inside and out. I can then go back, if I want, but I will not force the player, again half an hour through the world to race or to teleport, only to once again into a field, where actually the story of her nothing happened."