BioShock 2 Preview

The editors at have whipped up a short preview of 2K Marin's recently delayed BioShock sequel. An excerpt:
Beyond these changes, the player will also get a new look at Rapture this time around - through fresh eyes - not those of an outsider - but rather as a key figure from Rapture's past. You were the first Big Daddy, a prototype, who has gained free will and now returns to the city as it looks to be on the brink of final destruction. New gameplay will see you escorting Little Sisters (should you wish to), or you'll be able to garner precious Adam by harvesting the devilish children.

As an older Big Daddy, you'll be more agile than the later ones battled in the first BioShock, and so you'll have your trusty drill to hand but also be capable of using the ever-inventive Plasmids - of which there are now several new varieties. Of course, the Big Daddy was all but unbeatable in the last game, so now you'll be facing a beefed up foe in the shape of the Big Sister - an arch-rival hell-bent on rebuilding Rapture as it was before, complete with the Adam system.

It's fair to say that this new plot looks to deliver a classic BioShock experience, with just enough added twists to keep things fresh, while we're hoping the developers make the most of the Big Daddy role - and give us exciting new background information on Rapture's past.