Arcania: A Gothic Tale Interview

Polish fansite Arcania Center has published an interview with Arcania: A Gothic Tale community representative "EDL", though some deciphering is required to figure out what the interviewer means. Will it be something like the example: We shoot someone in the leg and he limp, or in his hand, and he can't move it?

EDL: Do you mean if the opponents have hit zones? Yes that should be the case. But the question of detail is not finally answered.

... Will be able to sleep on the ground? For example, we are in the forest is a night and we don't have chance to reach settlements and what then?

EDL: You cannot sleep unless you find at least a bed roll or something similar.

... Does the skills system will be resolved as in the G2 or G3 or something else like growth tree. By the way how it will a diary look?

EDL: More like a tree where you can spend your points. No diary is in the game so far, but you can see what you have done in your questlog.
Thanks, RPGWatch.