BioShock 2 Artist Series, Part One

The Cult of Rapture website has been updated with the first of what will most likely be several features focused on the artists that have contributed to BioShock 2. This one brings us through Jhonen Vasquez's creation of a sweet - and creepy - image featuring the Big Sister and two Little Sisters:
Another quick pass, moving away from the more stylized profile shot that I was puttering about with, and again, it was pretty much just cool pose territory with not a whole lot else going on. Sure it would have looked nice in the end, but wouldn't have had any sense of narrative, and more and more, that was what I was hoping to get outta the image. Short of having Big Sister sitting in a nice comfy chair, reading The Fountainhead and sipping some fine wine, something else was going to be needed to get more a sense of it being a scene instead of just some badass pose you'd see plastered on those horrid button up shirts guys in cargo shorts wear at Comicon. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Okay, there is. Anyhow, this newer direction was slightly more dramatic, mainly because of the lower angle, but it still said nothing other than "I'm quite limber, and aren't those little girls just disturbing in a Japanese horror kind of way?"

This direction, which ended up being the first real sketch for the final image, came very late in the sketching days, as late as probably eating into the phase where I should have been doing the final line drawing. If you look up at the very first sketch I included up there, in the bottom right hand corner, you can see where I quickly doodled the first inklings of this idea. I wanted to see something both playful and awful at the same time, and just the thought of Big Sister holding a Little Sister's hand was enough to get me going this way. It was more that sense of a moment over simple dynamic pose that had been missing from the other sketches, so it's what I stuck with. The general gist of it was that the Little Sister in the lead there was way past being rescued, having already whipped into shape by Big Sister, so she's having a ball pretending to be a blood-drenched scout, just making a lil' game of it. Not quite ready to play along is the other Little Sister who has probably seen better days than this in which she's being dragged around by a monster while walking through broken glass. Pleasantly nightmarish enough.