Age of Decadence Portraits

Lead developer Vince D. Weller has steadily put up more portraits and profiles of characters from Age of Decadence. We're a few updates in, so be sure to check the thread again for the new faces, such as...
Lord Meru was a man of faith. His faith, discovered in the depths of Castle Ganezzar, changed Meru completely. Meru had lost interest in the power struggles and focused on the spiritual state of the world, calling for worship and restoration of the gods. Some said it was a weakness born out of fear to lead. Others said it was the wisdom to see what nobody else could. After Meru crucified many of the local doubters, his wisdom was no longer questioned.
If Lord Serenas the Victorious, the only son of Lord Gaelius' sister, had any good qualities, he managed to hide them well. Spoiled by his mother, despised by his uncle, manipulated by his uncle's enemies, and loved by whores, who gave him the title, Serenas never had a chance to become the man his "friends" convinced him he was. He lacked ambition and willpower, which made him useless to Gaelius, but very useful to everyone who would have preferred to see a puppet on the Aurelian throne.