Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

Another week makes for another selection of five questions for the Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A feature.
Does the Bushido spell Honorable Execution, when successfully used really give you the bonus it is supposed to? I don't notice anything such bonus.

I've dug into the code to make sure this spell is working as advertised and this is what I found:

When the spell is first cast, you get a increase to hit chance based on your bushido skill level regardless of your target's honor.

If you have successfully honored your opponent with the honor virtue, you will also gain a damage bonus based on your skill level and perfection bonus. Perfection bonus increases each time you hit your honored opponent. This damage bonus is in addition to the normal bonus you get to damage for honor perfection.

If the hit kills the enemy, the player gets healed and swing speed is increased for approximately 20 seconds. If you miss, your resists and magic defense is penalized for approximately 7 seconds. You are also unable to use special moves while the negative effects are on you. You can also remove the negative effects with a successful parry.

The part that might be confusing is that you cannot honor another player in PvP. So this spell will not give you any bonuses (outside of the initial hit chance increase) in PvP combat.