BioShock 2 Previews

Assuming that 2K Marin's BioShock sequel is still on your radar, there are a pair of new previews to tell you about.

First in line is OXM:
By adding the Plasmid powers to your spare hand, this transforms BioShock's modular attack system into Halo's dual-wielding juggling act. The ability to charge up Plasmids adds what is in effect a secondary fire for the special move - and as there's no charging overheat, you can keep a Plasmid powered up until somebody strays past your crosshair.

It's doubly handy as only two weapons can be carried at any one time. New Plasmids, Aero Dash and Geyser, grant you the ability to dash forward in straight lines, as well as deploy a jump pad to bridge gaps and boost up to high-reach points respectively (or smash into people and catapult them into low ceilings if you're the cunning sort). Even health bars carry the unmistakable whiff of the Chief: hide away from attack and your vital signs quickly improve.

And then we have CVG:
"A lot of people may be quietly concerned the Little Sister adoption works like an escort quest where you need to keep her alive; that she'll take a stray bullet and bite the dust and the player will try to eat the controller in rage. It's not. Escort missions suck." Contrary to reports about 2K Marin's secrecy pact, Creative Director Jordan Thomas isn't afraid to talk in detail about Bioshock 2's main game.

"It's much more like a dynamic siege that players can direct," he continues. "If you adopt the Little Sister she rides around on your shoulders, and if you let her out in the world she attracts Splicers because she's an Adam jackpot. However, just like when the player was a Splicer in Bioshock the Big Daddy needs to be taken out to grab the Little Sister, which is why Splicers will try to kill you. Splicers grabbing the Little Sister only perpetuate the encounter." Phew.