Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

This week's "Five on Friday" Q&A feature on the official Ultima Online website covers questions about custom player titles, the human Jack of All Trades ability, and more.
You posted the table displaying titles for defeating Champ bosses and the Harrower, but how do you get the Harrower titles? I have completed all of the Champs with my tamer and numerous Harrowers, but have yet to get the Harrower titles.

The Harrower titles *should* take precedence over the other titles, and become available when you defeat a Harrower. The Harrower title levels are based on how many additional Champions you've defeated, with the first one starting at (Spite of Evil) working upwards.
However, if you've defeated the Harrower, turned on your titles, and defeated at least one Champion and *still* don't see (Spite of Evil) or (Opponent of Evil) then it sounds like something is broken!