Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Several more reviews for Ascaron's Sacred sequel popped onto the web earlier in the week.

The first is at Game Chronicles with a score of 8.0/10:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is not the perfect console RPG but it's really enjoyable and highly addicting. I've played many action RPGs over the years most of them on the PC, so playing a big RPG on a console is a welcome change. The controls are solid, the interface is simplified and the fighting is satisfying. I recommend giving this adventure a try to anyone that looking for a good action RPG.

The second is at Xbox 360 Achievements with a score of 71/100:
Ultimately, gamers may find they have a love/hate relationship with Sacred 2. The incredible amount of content, vast replayability, addictive class customization, and ability to co-op with up to four friends makes for a fun experience that is worth every penny of the $60 full retail price. It's regrettable that the graphics and audio are so sub-standard, and many minor technical problems can get in the way of enjoying the game. For fans of Diablo-style RPG gaming, Sacred 2 is a must-own, as there's nothing like it on the 360. The rest of the gaming public is advised to rent it first to see if the fun-factor overshadows Sacred 2's faults.

The third is at Gameplay Monthly with a score of "B-":
Get this game if you're a fun of Diablo II and/or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A rent is not worth it. The game is simply too massive to take in on a rental. Just buy it.

The fourth is at The Armchair Empire with a score of 7.0/10:
All in all, Sacred 2 had some interesting twists for the Hack-and-slash RPGers amongst us. It was not without its' flaws, some of which will be harder to overlook for some gamers. If you can get past those weaknesses, the game itself can get quite enjoyable if not entertaining. A nice snack until Diablo 3 comes out.

And the fifth is at TheSixthAxis with a score of 6/10:
The game looks nice and as a hack '˜n slash adventure in single player is a great experience. Take it online or register another pad to the console, and the fun to be had in multiplayer is plentiful. The looting and levelling up provides that addiction to grinding through hordes of creatures, and trading with friends online is genius. I would like to give this game a higher score to reflect this, but the bugs mentioned in this review are unforgivable and can ruin an otherwise great gaming experience. If you have a lot of patience and don't mind restarting the game a couple of times each time you play it, then sure, pick it up. Otherwise I would wait to see if Ascaron pull their finger out and fix the crushing bugs hampering a game that would otherwise be a must-buy.