Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

There are quite a few new reviews of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel to report about, so let's jump right into it.

The first is at Strategy Informer with a score of 6.0/10:
As RPGs go, Sacred 2 is likeable enough, but as a console game it doesn't quite gel. It's an admirable adaptation, and the menu pages that you navigate through using the triggers work really well, as does the combat, which has been ported perfectly to the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. Our only misgiving is the severe lack of personality and character, which ultimately leaves the game devoid of any real propulsion to its action and that just leaves us feeling a little bit cold towards the whole thing. Nonetheless, if story, characterisation and personality are at the bottom of your RPG checklist, then Sacred 2: Fallen Angel may well be the game for you. We just think the whole thing could have used a bit of that pesky T-Energy to transform it into something far more special.

The second is at CVG with a score of 7.6/10:
Shoddy port quibbles tar the package. Even when installed on a hard drive Sacred 2 has areas where cities load street-by-street, while some stat-crunching features are poorly explained for newbies. And the less said about the inability to pause or to load or possess multiple save files (the nasty side of its 'always online' ideology), the better.

In spite of these issues this manages to be another genre-topper (albeit of a quieter genre) in a month already packed with highlights. Swords, spells and isometric stabbing do it for you? Look no further. Hell, you even get to play as the bad guy!

The third is at PlayStation Illustrated with a score of 82%:
In the end, Sacred 2, even with all of its flaws, is a fun game that will offer many hours of enjoyable adventuring to fans of the genre. It is far from perfect, but it is currently the best of type on consoles and for those that have been salivating for some good hack-n-slash fun, this game is worth the investment.

The fourth is at PEOWW with a score of 7/10:
It is a very fun, if slightly flawed, game with a lot of do and a lot of replayablity thanks to the deep loot and character growth aspects and the enjoyable multiplayer play. At the end of the day it comes down to this, if you have ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo that hasn't been watered down for the console market, and is as addictive as hell, then Sacred 2 is the best thing money can buy right now. That is if you can put up with some minor flaws and that are patient enough to follow a lot of on-screen text. If you can, you should have countless hours of fun with this game either on your own or with friends.

The fifth is at Game Over Online with a score of 80%:
The bottom line here is with Diablo 2 ten years behind us and Diablo 3 still off in the distance somewhere, being a mediocre version of the great one is almost a compliment. Almost. And Sacred 2 almost succeeds in its imitation. It has all the critical elements of an action/RPG level-grinder up and working, even managing at times to inject some of its own peculiar personality into the mix. It's pretty easy to get into the killing and looting and have a grand old time, particularly when doing so with a couple of buds online. Sure it's a little bizarre sometimes, and the constant barrage of junk can be a little tedious to go through, but for a hack-and-slash'er this ain't half bad. The best news is if you do get into it there's a ton of game here, between the huge world and endless quests, not to mention several scaling difficulty levels, you can be at this one for a long time to come.

And the sixth is at Games Xtreme with a score of 8.6/10:
Sacred 2 was never going to be in the running for game of the year. It is a solid, enjoyable dungeon crawler RPG with enough depth to justify multiple playthroughs. If Baldur's gate was your type of game then Sacred 2 is an essential purchase.
I'm sorry, but Sacred 2 is nothing like Baldur's Gate.