Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss Gargish Dictionary

To prepare for the release of Stygian Abyss, the official Ultima Online website has been updated with a Gargish dictionary so we can better communicate with the expansion's gargoyle population. From the intro:
Gargoyles don't usually use pronouns to refer to themselves directly, if you ask them their name they will say, (To be called Bob.) Gargoyles speak as if they were writing Hai Ku, almost always starting their comment with the infinitive form of a verb.

(To be helped by you? To have my keys returned? To regrettably have locked them in the car!) This is how a Gargoyle might say, (Will you help me? I have locked my keys in the car.)

(To be a human known as Mark. To work at Mythic. To secretly be a Russian spy.) This is how a Gargoyle might say, (There is a human named Mark who works at Mythic who is secretly a Russian spy.)

To make a gargoyle mean the opposite of what they say, simply put (not) after the infinitive form of the verb.

(To know not where he works. To be seeming not to be a Russian spy.)

If you find your sentence with some awkward nested prepositions, try changing the second infinitive to a progressive verb as above and see if you like it better. (To seem to not be a Russian spy.) becomes, (To be seeming not to be a Russian spy.)

If you aren't feeling especially clever at any time, you can cheat and just put (To be) in front of whatever you are trying to say.

(To speak with Quan. To find the answer you seek!) (To buy a throwing weapon. To not know what to do. To speak with me. To learn using throwing weapon.)

Gargoyles do not use any pronouns except (you) and this is only used when (you) is the object of the preposition. They either use the proper noun or if generalizing they kind of jam some words together to make it work.

(To have had to give up many much when we moved." "Mine own Orb of the Moons exploded recently!) (To ask you to come back when I have the time to heal you."

Don't forget you can clear things up by adding dialogue tags.

(To like it here," he adds, smiling.