Mysteries of Westgate Activation Limit Removed

Ossian Studios seems pretty excited to report that Atari has removed the three-activation limit from their Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate adventure pack. You still have to activate over the Internet, but the installation limit was the real deal-breaker, so this is good news all around. The announcement:
Ossian Studios is pleased to announce that there is no longer a 3-activation limit on NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate. The activation limit has been removed by Atari after Ossian highlighted to them how many fans were not happy with it. You can now install MoW as many times as you like on your computer. Here are some quick facts about this change:

Q: Do I still need to activate MoW to play?
A: Yes. The DRM activation limit has been removed but you still need to activate MoW online for each new installation on your computer. After the one-time activation for each installation, you don't need an Internet connection to play. Activation is necessary to prevent serial numbers from being posted to the web where hundreds or thousands of people can access it.

Q: So, I don't have to worry about changing my hardware and not being able to re-activate MoW?
A: No. You can change the hardware configuration or operating system on your computer as often as you like and can re-activate MoW as many times as you like.

Q: Is it okay if I install the game on more than one of my computers?
A: Yes, that's fine.

Q: Are the MoW resources still encrypted?
A: Yes, the MoW resource files are still encrypted. However, we have provided most of this content for free from the Mysteries of Westgate page on the NWVault:
Thanks, Blue's News.