BioShock 2 Plasmid Profile

2K's Cult of Rapture website has been updated with a few details and screenshots for a new Geyser Trap plasmid that we'll be utilizing in BioShock 2.
BioShock 2 boasts new plasmids and tonics for the enterprising Rapturian to play with. Today, we're going to be focusing on Geyser Trap, and showing one way you can use this plasmid during a multiplayer match.

Geyser Trap allows you to shoot out a burst of water that can be used both defensively and offensively. You can fling it at an oncoming opponent to rocket them up into the air, or set the traps in key locations to trip someone up as they, for example, pass through a doorway.

In our screenshot series, however, we are using Geyser Trap defensively. A Big Daddy is coming to decimate our Splicer, faster than we can get away. But with a flick of the wrist, we can throw down a Geyser Trap and run onto it, propelling us up and over the head of the Big Daddy and out of harm's way.

From there, we have several choices. Is there a balcony to jump on to? Should we come down and face the Big Daddy, or aim ourselves such that we land behind the firing range of the rivet gun, and run for our dear lives?

Luckily, Geyser Trap gave us a moment to think and to hopefully figure that out.