BioShock 2 E3 Previews

Another round of BioShock 2 previews have reached the 'net, all of which are based on what was shown at E3.

The first is at Games Are Evil:
Set a decade past the events of BioShock, the sequel's story involves little girls getting kidnapped off the coast by a horrible monster and you, as a prototype Big Daddy, have awoken and head down to Rapture to take care of business with an invisible foe. The character design for the (Original Big Daddy) has yet to be revealed, but it is known that 1) You are not the lumbering monster from the original game. You are actually quite nimble, but not heavily armored 2) You will be able to adapt your weapon set, using the Big Daddy drill, Rivet Gun and more along with your plasmids and 3) Your character was stuck on the surface during the events that wrecked rapture as well as during Jack's adventure. The team at 2K is promising grand new locations and some familiar stops as you unravel the layers of Rapture.

The second is at Big Download:
The live demo of the highly anticipated multiplayer mode was handled by a rep from Digital Extremes. After co-creating the Unreal and Unreal Tournament franchises with Epic, Digital Extremes is handling the multiplayer portion of BioShock 2. That part of the game actually begins just before the fall of Rapture where the city is in the midst of their civil war. You begin the game in an apartment in the city where you can choose your plasmids and weapons before fighting it out with others in various levels.

The third is at GayGamer:
It's ten years later, and Rapture has continued to decay. But the underwater city hasn't succumbed to the sea quite yet. And it's time to venture into Rapture once again with the release of 2K Game's Bioshock 2. We got a chance to see the single player and multiplayer in action, and it's looking mighty impressive. This time around, you actually play as one of the Big Daddies, albeit a more powerful, more agile version, so you're not stuck lumbering around Rapture like molasses going uphill in January. And naturally, you'll be able to arm yourself with a variety of weapons beyond the drill (which is awesome by itself) and evolved plasmids. You will adopt a Little Sister and can again to choose whether to harvest the Adam she's collected or spare her life. Don't worry about escort missions, though the only time she's vulnerable to attack from Splicers is when you've set her down to extract Adam. And your nemesis? Big Sister. And she's not kidding around!

And the fourth is at Thunderbolt:
Rapture itself has obviously seen better days. While the art style has been retained, the world is definitely more dilapidated than in the first game. Graffiti is scrawled on crumbling walls and water leaks in from cracks and seals as the ocean tries to reclaim the city. If I noticed any graphical improvement, it was with the water effects. When water burst through a window in a gameplay cinematic, it burst through the cracks in the wall slowly at first until it become a steady torrent, the whole time looking very realistic.