Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Let's set aside the E3 coverage for a bit to summarize two recent reviews of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

The first is at Deeko with a score of 7.5/10:
I'm sure somewhere within Sacred 2 there is a story. What it is, I couldn't tell you, as I was too busy chopping up bandits and monsters to find out. This is what Sacred 2 is really all about: adventuring and killing ridiculous amounts of monsters. That and upgrading your character to your heart's content. What is even better is doing all of that with three friends in a huge (and I mean disturbingly huge) world. As a matter of fact, Sacred 2 feels like a poor man's MMO at times. You take quests, team up with friends, level up, collect loot and repeat. It;s all loads of fun but can also be a drag because of the multitude of glitches. Shaky frame-rates, game freezes, and some major clipping all go a long way in crushing what is otherwise a really enjoyable dungeon romp with some nice online features. Sacred 2 is a title fans of dungeon hacks will adore and at times hate, due to its technical shortcomings. Even with its glitches, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is sure to keep loot whores playing for a long time. Just make sure to save often.

While the other is at Orange with a score of 7/10:
A good addition to the genre is the multiplayer available here. This is a game that benefits greatly from running around with your friends to complete a quest, or testing out your bitchin' skill set-up and weapons against your mates in the adversarial modes. Sacred 2 is a perfectly serviceable hack-and-slash RPG, and fans of the genre will feel right at home.