Warhammer Online Executive Producer's Letter

Warhammer Online executive producer Jeff Hickman brings us up to speed on the state of the MMORPG in a new letter to the community.
Since last year the team has been hard at work on the Lands of the Dead. We wanted a new RvR experience that was different from the current Tier 4 campaign. Set in the southern deserts the Necropolis of Zandri is the resting place of The Vulture Lord who rules his restless lands from his massive tomb, a great pyramid that overlooks the Lands of the Dead.

The forces of Order and Destruction must compete for Expedition Resources in the campaign so that they can make the perilous journey beyond the sands. The realm who earns enough resources will unlock safe passage and adventurers Rank 25 or higher can test their will against an ancient enemy.

Danger and great rewards await those who answer the call! The Lands of the Dead offer a host of new features and challenges. Roaming Public Quests make no avenue safe as the undead host patrol their lands and prepares for a great assault. Take on massive Bone Giants brought to life by cursed magic or fight from aerie to aerie against other players as you are dropped into the nests of massive vultures. The Public Quests in the necropolis offer new twists and trials like you've never seen before!