Titan Quest Fanpatch v1.17a Released

With Iron Lore out of business, the fan community on TitanQuest.net has decided to release a new v1.17a patch to clear up more pending issues with the mythology-based action RPG. Here's what to expect:
Bugs fixed in patch v1.17
(more info on the fixes can be found here)
- Outsider's damage does not increase past level 15.
- Liche King's Soul Blight projectile has no sound and no visible impact.
- Nymph has no aggressive or defensive controllers.
- Nymph's weapon attack does not use flat damage from pet bonuses.
- Briarward does not get Epic or Legendary health boosts.
- Shaman's Leggings give double recharge bonuses.
- Spellbreaker projectile fails to affect targets half the time.
- Revenant Greaves don't drop, and Epic and Legendary variants aren't linked.
- Gigantes defensive auras fail to activate because of an animation problem.
- Gigantes monster gear and monster infrequent gear is a mess.
- Normal Scepter of the Liche King has irregular damage values.
- Monster Infrequent leg armor from Act 4 monsters can drop without affixes.
- Percentage poison damage completion bonuses on relics and charms do not work.
- Percentage poison damage boosts on Battlemarker shrines do not work.
- Ravages of Time icon is too large.
- Traps became dumber in 1.1.16.
- Inzu the Dune Raider is a Beastman (should be Demon).
- 6678 should be 6788
- Removed fix notes from previous patch change logs that have been confirmed as not having been implemented, or not working as intended.

Additional Features of v1.17
o AllSkins mod: a version of the AllSkins mod 0.8 has been included on the 1.17 fanpatch. That means that all the skin bottles from the latest AllSkins mod 0.8 have been added so players can see each others' skins online and trade bottles, and we've also included optional vendors so that players can purchase skin bottles from all versions, past and present, of the AllSkins mod inside the main game. To access this option, use the menu's "Unlock Content" button and type in this code: 123. This will drop 2 artifacts, each of which will spawn the appropriate vendor when equipped. Additionaly, we also included specialty skin vendors for adult skins, dress-mesh skins, and skirtless-mesh skins (unlock code: 12345). Note: a player must be using the dress mesh or skirtless mesh in order to properly display skins purchased from those vendors (found in AllSkins 0.8). Also, summoned vendors will not disappear until you exit the game, so we recommend summoning them in a city.

o Custom Item Support: items from some custom-game mods have been included in the patch to prevent their loss when accidentally loading a custom-game character into a different mod or into the regular game. If you bring these items into the original game, they will appear in your inventory as unusable parchments until returned to the originating mod.

Custom games currently supported:
Occult 1.0
Uber 1.1
StreetFighter BETA

If you have a mod with new items, and would like take advantage of the custom-item support in the next fanpatch, register on titanquest.net and go to the fan patch forums to request your mod's inclusion: