BioShock 2: Becoming the Big Sister

A new concept art-laden article and podcast on the Cult of Rapture website take us through the creation of BioShock 2's Big Sister.
The Big Sister plays a key role in BioShock 2 and is integral to the past, present, and future of Rapture. Creating her look and feel did not merely entail building her suit and animating some movements -- everything the Big Sister was, and everything that had happened to her, needed to be conveyed in her physical form. We discuss the Big Sister's art progression in-depth on the third episode of the BioShock 2 podcast, released today and this update is the visual partner to that interview.

As with all characters and concept art for BioShock 2, the team started by sketching out rough concepts of vast array of looks for the Big Sister. Like with the Splicer Toasty, I am showing you only a small cross-section of the many sketches the team fleshed out, but they represent the many different facets of the Big Sister's personality that 2K Marin wanted to convey in her final render.