BioShock 2: Destined for Failure?

The team at Angry Gamers has turned their scrutiny toward BioShock 2, claiming the upcoming sequel is "destined for failure" because of several different factors.
The Bioshock franchise, at the core, is not about Rapture or Andrew Ryan or plasmids or Big Daddies. It is about humanity, the objectivism, about the meaning of life if you have no control over it. These are the things that should be in the sequel, but are almost ignored entirely. The sequel being made is annoyingly predictable. Big Daddies are cool! Let's have the player be a Big Daddy. Wait, aren't Big Daddies, slow, clumsy, have few weapons at their disposal, and serve few purposes? Except you're a special Big Daddy, you can change weapons and use plasmids. You can also run faster. This is an obvious ploy to make the game better than the first, except the premise makes absolutely no sense.

A magical part about Rapture was that for a long time you were essentially a stranger, you had stumbled upon a utopia that had gone horribly wrong. With each new section of Rapture you were awed by mankind's boldness. This becomes a problem in the sequel, which traces back to the new team fiasco, is that too much information is known about the world and the game.In the first game, you knew what Rapture was, what Adam is, what Big Daddies and Sisters are, you got a sliver of the story with Andrew Ryan and Fontaine, but that was about it.