BioShock 2 Interview

GameSpot AU has conducted an interview with 2K Canberra's Dean Tate about which contributions the Australian division is making to the upcoming BioShock sequel.
GameSpot AU: Which aspects of BioShock 2 are 2K Australia currently contributing to the title?

Dean Tate: We have a dedicated team of BioShock veterans focused on bringing together a huge portion of the BioShock 2 experience. Level designers, artists, animators, you name it. These are people who 'get' what BioShock 2 is about due to their involvement in the first game, and aim to do an even greater job this time around. We're also overseeing development of the PC version of the game, and have a dedicated tech team focused on that; these guys are top notch, world-class, and represent one of the key strengths of the 2K Australia team.