Dungeons & Dragons Online Review

One of the editors over at ZAM took the time to return to Dungeons & Dragons Online for the purpose of reviewing the three-year-old MMORPG.
In the end, DDO's a better game than it used to be, and the increase of the level cap in its next major patch should increase the number of people playing. If you plan on giving the game a go, I'd recommend getting your friends to do the same. If you can all play together on a regular basis - much like a real session of D&D - then you'll probably enjoy DDO. However, if you can't get a group on a regular basis that's doing quests you actually need, it won't be anywhere near as enjoyable. Unfortunately, DDO's in something of a vicious cycle - a lack of groups means people stop playing, while fewer people playing means there aren't as many groups. Hirelings and the solo difficulty level are more like band-aids rather than solutions to the problem itself, and I'm not sure what else Turbine can do to improve matters. However, if you can find regular groups, then Dungeons & Dragons Online is better than many people give it credit for. I wish Turbine luck in attracting more players to DDO, as it deserves more success than it has enjoyed so far.