Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

If you were thinking about picking up a console version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, then hopefully these last four reviews will help you make your decision.

The first is at Gamervision with a score of "Try It":
Despite its many imperfections, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a surprisingly addictive action RPG. There are tons of cool-looking and effective items to collect and modify, extremely deep character customization allows you to play one character class in myriad different ways, and the massive open-world encourages and rewards extensive exploration. It's a shame that the script, plot, voice acting are graphics below par, because there are some really good ideas at work here, including a beautifully implemented menu system that is, by all accounts, superior to the PC version's, a perfect mini-map system, unique mounts for each class, and some interesting magical and combat abilities. It's deeply flawed, but there's still a good amount of fun to be had over the thirty hour campaign, and for dungeon crawling fans, it's one of the best options on consoles.

The second is at Co-Optimus with a score of 4/5:
Even with these quirks, Sacred 2 is a fine co-op experience. Both players share experience, no matter who completes the quest or gets the kill shot. The experience does scale somewhat based on level, with lower characters receiving proportionally less than higher partners. Buddy tactics work very well in certain situations, like having a melee character wade in and take a few hits while a caster or other ranged attacker hangs back and unleashes the damage. The whole game has an MMO feel to it, which I find intriguing. I can see myself hanging onto Sacred 2 for a long time, and revisiting it often.

The third is at GamersInfo with no score:
I wouldn't say that Sacred 2 is a bad game, but it isn't for everybody. If you've enjoyed action-RPG games in the past and if wandering a huge world to find the best loot sounds interesting, Sacred 2 is for you. If you like fiddling with stats, skills and equipment, optimizing for the best combinations, Sacred 2 also has that for you. But if you're looking for a cinematic or focused experience for your game, with large, important choices, then Sacred 2 is not for you.

And the fourth is at GameZone with a score of 7.8/10:
Sacred 2 is a solid game that offers PS3 owners a quality dungeon-crawling game that it was lacking. However, just be prepared to get your hands dirty if you really want to fully understand everything in the game.