BioShock 2 Preview

NZGamer has whipped up a preview of 2K Marin's BioShock 2, which appears to be based on that nine-minute narrated trailer that's roaming the web.
The range of weaponry looked extremely impressive, and in protecting your Little Sister as she runs to extract the ADAM from a glowing corpse, there will be much to play with. As we watched, Rapture's sickos descended on the Big Daddy's charge as she knelt vulnerable at the body's arm, syringe-stuck and concentrating on her work. Drawn by the discovery of that precious body and soul altering stuff, they came in numbers.

A real challenge will be laying Plasmid traps ahead of time, and buying yourself a bit of breathing room as you try to watch every angle. Some will need shooting, some bashing, and others mincing with the drill as the Little Sister does the business. Let her die and well... you might as well be applying your gaming skills or lack of elsewhere.