Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

The holiday weekend brings us another handful of reviews for the console versions of cdv Software and Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred sequel.

The first is at Platform Nation with no score:
This game is a mess. It is also one of the few games on consoles that offers this kind of RPG experience, and it is without question addicting. My recommendation? Tell a few friends about the game, get them interested, and wait for a price drop, and the patches.

The second is at Resolution Magazine with a score of 67%:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel brings a distinctly PC-oriented RPG to the console masses, taking an enormous gaming world with it. But it's definitely not short of problems. A less than compelling storyline, an irresponsive combat system and some technical mishaps mean it's a game suited to only the most hardcore of RPG fans.

The third is at Talking About Games with a score of "B-":
This type of game on a console, for whatever reason, is actually fairly rare, so if you don't own a PC and were a huge fan of D&D Heroes, Dark Alliance or Champions, this is absolutely the game for you. Despite some flaws or better features found elsewhere, when it comes to making the decision between one version or the other, what it essentially amounts to is this -- the PC version is a better single-player experience, while the Xbox 360 rules the multiplayer arena, and bother versions stand out above the rest when compared to other Action RPGs on their respective platforms.

The fourth is at Kombo with a score of 7.5/10:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is just your typical everyday hack-and-slash RPG title. You'll take on a number of quest and slay thousands of monsters during your journey. On that journey you'll also collect massive amounts of money and become the supreme super being of Ancaria. Even with some technical shortcomings, Sacred 2 is a fun hack-and-slash game for the home console scene. If you have some pals willing to hop online for a few play sessions, this will definitely keep you enthralled into the late hours of the night.

And the fifth is at PS3 Informer with a score of 3/5:
Technical shortcomings coupled with the repetitive combat and quests endemic to the genre hinder the game from achieving absolute greatness. Its hard-core, no-nonsense gameplay and lack of any tutorial might turn off novices to hack and slash games. For genre veterans and devotees, Sacred 2 is a competent and addictive addition for the game collection.