Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Two more fairly positive reviews of Ascaron's Sacred 2: Fallen Angel bring us into the weekend.

First we have Gossip Gamers with a score of 7.5/10:
For players who are looking for an online action-RPG hack and slash genre then this game is definitely worth picking up. It offers numerous options of character builds, many mobs to kill, tons of quests to complete and a large world to explore. Although the interface may be somewhat of an inconvenience in comparison to its PC version, due to the limited button options you have on your controller I do believe they managed to migrate it over decently. None-the-less, I would prefer to play this on PC. Not only because of the interface but on Xbox Live, you're limited 4 players in one game while on PC you can have up 8. The solo-type mode did not capture my interest as it lacked a good story lineup. The final conclusion is, if you have friends who are playing or you enjoy making new friends and playing it over Xbox Live, it's well worth the money for a couple hundred hours of entertainment.

Then we move to Gamepyre, where the score is 84/100:
Sacred 2 is a game that I will be playing for a while. It fits my need for a new RPG and it adds something different to the genre. The unique characters and the ability to use mounts for fighting and not just riding, makes Sacred 2 slightly different then the standard role playing game. The characters are detailed. The game reminds me a lot of Diablo II in terms of game feel, but adds a more complicated leveling up system like that of the older Baulder's Gate series. The game is enormous in size and story. It can take Sacred 2 with PhysX adds an ambiance to a game that until this point, I have yet to experience in a game.