Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic Entertainment has kicked out a sixteenth Warhammer Online "Grab Bag Q&A" feature, this time answering questions about stackable potions, trophy models, warband player colors, and more.
Q. How do the dev teams decide when to "FIX" something? I mean, what is the process that Mythic follows when they make the decision to address problems, bugs, concerns, etc. from the player base?

A. In the case of bugs or problems, they go through QA first after being passed along via in-game reports, from the Community Team, or from the forums. From there, QA works to reproduce the issue, assesses the severity and potential impact of it, and sends it to the appropriate development team. The dev team creates a fix, QA tests it, and once it passes testing, it is then hotfixed immediately or worked into a future patch, depending on the priority level. General concerns or non-bug-related issues are gathered by the Community Team and Customer Service, and are also passed along to the appropriate development team for assessment and consideration/resolution.